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Belief systems explorations and spiritual direction for the misfits


Dig deeper.

Are you seeking greater self-knowledge and self-mastery? Maybe you aspire to become an overcomer, searching for the truth, meanings, and sources of strength.
Or, you may be looking to reconcile your values and dreams with your amazing uniqueness.

But so far, your attempts have frustrated you.

Churches and "spirituality groups" quite didn't understand or accept you. They encouraged you to "share" your experiences only to make you feel you weren't welcome. They looked at you with a tired face, politely telling you to shut up.

You didn't quite fit into conventional religions. Maybe you found much of New Age spirituality woo-woo bizarre, too, though you tried. You felt like you're an outsider looking in, a stranger in a strange land. "I'm spiritual, not religious" is a popular cliche, but maybe you appreciate the structure and discipline a religion offers, except that you've felt "religiously homeless."

Yet, you are deeply interested in the pursuit of the truth and meaningful transformation, but nothing out there is a good fit.

I get it.

I understand you. I'm an autistic queer. Though I was a near life-long theology geek and have been part of many faith communities, I never would fit in. I saw them tolerating me but I knew their idea of spirituality felt utterly foreign to me also.

Along the road, I have met several autistic people of various faiths. Most of them were extremely knowledgeable, had quite eclectic beliefs and interpretations of their faiths, and they all relayed to me how they felt excluded from and misunderstood by their faith communities. Some of them resorted to building their own DIY religion.

And we're quite a gift to the world, the silent elite squad that this planet needs to save itself (think Greta Thunberg). We smell bullshit from a hundred miles away. We've got no time for "nuances," hypocrisies and other excuses. We tend to be brutally logical and rational, yet exceedingly capable of creative out-of-the-box thinking. We're very much detail-oriented but we see the big picture.

You can be the next great prophet, world-changer, innovator, or culture-maker. It's time that we stopped apologizing to neurotypicals for not fitting into their narrow social norms.

Neurodiversity is the next frontier in religious communities. Yet, neurodiversity is, unfortunately, discouraged in most communal expressions of spiritual life.

We've been told to shut up, that we're making people "uncomfortable." We've been made unwelcome. We've been coerced into silly woo-woo exercises, excessive emotionalism, ableist mindset, and rigid gender norms that made no sense to us.

They operate from assumptions that are entirely foreign to how our minds process things.

When I came to this realization, I looked around, made numerous searches on the Internet, and found no resources designed to enrich the religious and spiritual experiences of autistics and other neurodiverse people (except for offensively patronizing articles written for parents of autistic children and pastors who "have to deal with" autistic kids).

In the past, I was a failed church-planter. I had an ordination as a priest (that's apostolic succession in an Anglican lineage, if you're a theology geek and wondering) and had the vision to start a missional church in the inner city of Portland. I hoped to attract more or less normal people, and I followed a more or less standard church-planting formula. After two years of this, nothing came out of it. I wasn't a "people person," and dealing with group dynamics and church politics wore me and burned me out very quickly. Although I went to a Bible college and a seminary and going into ministry was my dream, it was frustrated by the very reason why neurodiversity isn't accepted in most churches.

One day in the summer of 2019, I was at a small business conference and a speaker was talking about the importance of "nicheing." Suddenly, my eyes were opened: this is what I am really called to do.

Soon, two words came to me in a thought form:


Like many in the autistic spectrum, I'm a logical and visual thinker. In my early childhood, I remember staring at a map on a wall for hours at a time. Geography was my favorite subject in school.

Come to think of it, every one of us has a rich, unique, complex terrain within our mind. Especially in the neurodiverse community, we often think of our minds as a world in its own right--and often that is very different from the neurotypical concept of self and theories of mind!

Trek the amazing inner geography of your mind and soul like an explorer.

I'm simply here to facilitate your quest and to help make sense of it all, building upon your own uniqueness as the foundation for your strengths.

What is 'spiritual direction'?

"Spiritual direction" supports you in deepening your faith/spiritual life. Despite the word "direction," I am not here to give you directions. Rather, I use active listening and thought-provoking questions to help you explore and clarify your belief systems, your values, and your goals. The result is greater self-knowledge, a better grasp of your values and beliefs, deeper discernment abilities, and stronger mastery of your mind.

How does it work?

Typically, spiritual direction is a series of open-ended sessions that are about 90 minutes each in length and take place in an interval of four to eight weeks.

While one of the goals of spiritual direction is the refining of discernment, it is non-judgmental, inclusive, and accepting of all human diversity and all walks of life.

Active listening sessions hold an intentional space for you to voice your thoughts. Primarily, this is about helping you listen to your inner voice by helping you navigate the complex world of thoughts and emotions. Through pointed, clarifying questions, you will discover yourself in a new and unexpected way, opening yourself to find divine directions within.

This is not a psychotherapy or proselytizing session. While it is somewhat similar in format, it differs also from "personal coaching" sessions.

Adapted for neurodiversity.

Most spiritual direction sessions are in-person, or sometimes over the phone. Recognizing that these options could be difficult for many and potentially anxiety-inducing, Mind Geographic ' spiritual direction sessions are available via the following channels of your choice:
  • Tawk.to (works in most Web browsers; encrypted)
  • Discord (end-to-end encrypted)
  • Telegram (end-to-end encrypted)
  • Wickr (end-to-end encrypted)
  • Keybase (end-to-end encrypted)
  • Email (PGP key is available upon request)
  • OnlyOffice (private collaboration platform like Google Docs)
In addition, Willow can be reached between sessions by email or on Keybase.

Privacy and confidentiality matter.

Mind Geographic take your privacy seriously. To the extent possible, all communications with you will be encrypted. We don't ask for personal information that is not relevant to spiritual direction. In fact, we welcome anonymous* (or just make up a name* if you'd like) clients.

Some neurotypical people may predictably object to this, saying how's that for "personal authenticity"? But we know that the sense of "self" is quite different for us, and we also believe that one can benefit from the creative thinking process even if your name or life story is entirely fictitious--like a work of art is a reflection of the artist's inner state, even a "fiction" will reflect the deep part of who you are.

Frankly, the performative vulnerability only serves to reify ableism and classism. Fuck that.

* Fees must be prepaid upon making an appointment if you elect to be anonymous or otherwise do not provide billing information. Contact us in advance for anonymous payment options.

Accept the invitation.

Fill out the information request form to subscribe to the Mind Geographic newsletter and be invited to the private "Mind Geographic Explorers" Facebook group, Discord server, and Keybase team. These are free to you.

If you are interested in a one-on-one session, fill out the intake form.

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