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Consulting for churches, businesses and community organizations

Other services

Willow also offers consultation services on interfaith understanding and sensitivity, as well as on brand development.

Interfaith understanding and sensitivity
Are you a business owner or a community organizer who want to better accommodate and include religious minorities or people of faith in general? Or, are you a faith-based company or organization who is looking for ways to engage with and reach in a meaningful and respectful way those who do not necessarily share your faith? Decades of experiences with and learning about many religious denominations and traditions positioned Willow in a unique position of being able to understand a vast variety of religious beliefs.

Devil's advocate
If you are a community organizer who is interested in gaining a support of faith communities, or is trying to combat religious-based oppositions, it is important to get outside your own bubble. As a "devil's advocate," Willow can anticipate responses by those who may not share your values, helping you formulate your counterresponse and strategies to find a common ground with them.
Brand development for an ethical, values-based business
In this age of artificial intelligence and big data, values-driven businesses led by conscious entrepreneurs are the vanguard of a new society. Willow facilitates and equips your journey toward an ethical, socially-conscious enterprise by providing tools to clarify your core values and to establish a values-driven culture in your organization, your brands, and your messaging. > Visit ADSTELLAM for brand services.


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