spiritual life + neurodiversity

autistic-centered, nonsectarian spiritual direction and supportive community for misfits and rebels.

Quick update!

March 8, 2023: I've been mostly inactive here since the last summer, to focus on my ongoing education to further this mission. It is almost four years since I initially conceived this vision of supporting the neurodivergent community in their spiritual life and their quest for the truth. A lot has definitely changed since then: COVID-19 was among them, but on a personal level, I too have changed in many ways. In the interceding years, I experienced (and continue to experience) significant burnout, losses, and dark nights of the soul during the past four years, but not able to feel or identify them while experiencing them, which made it so much more difficult to process them. 

In the near future, I will be entirely revising the contents of this website in order to align better with where I am now. Much of what you find here represents a somewhat outdated and less-focused product of the earlier visioning process. 

There will be two components to the ministries going forward

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~ Willow. 

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Prayer is at the foundation of this work, and you too are included.

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Mission statement, origin story, and who is that Willow person?